Your Teamo Lottery Prizes

The monthly Jackpot prize is a whopping £10,000.

In addition to the £10,000 Jackpot, there are 13 cash prizes with a monthly prize fund of £1,600.

Monthly guaranteed prize pot of £1,600

  • 1x £1,000 Prize
  • 1x £250 Prize
  • 1x £200 Prize
  • 1x £50 Prize
  • 1x £20 Prize
  • 8x £10 Prizes

In addition to the above prizes, £100 can be won by a Team Bath Buccaneers Hockey Club member each month when we reach 100 paying members, £250 each month on reaching 250 paying members and £1,000 on reaching 1,000 paying members each month.

It costs as little as £5 per month to become a member, or £10 per month if you wish to double your chances.

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